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Ignite Your Passion... Flow with Sabers to the Beat

Enter The Arena

Vibesaber Events

Vibesaber is our non-contact event. It is about learning practical saber skills and duelling to the beat 🎶. LED Sabers and LED visors are provided in a low lighting environment for maximum effect. Find your zen and vibe with others while you duel to EDM. We offer regular classes and group bookings, experiencing Vibesaber is only a few clicks away!

Saberwars Events

Saberwars is a fully immersive combat sport, think Star Wars meets The Hunger Games in a live action battle experience. Choose light or dark side, armour up and arm yourself for the battles ahead! featuring game modes like Team Death Match, Battle Royal and Protect the Champion, all combined in a low lighting environment for maximum effect. Book your group or join one of our open events today!

Mobile Events

Organising a big event? Need some excitement and fun for your guests? Then our mobile Saberwars experience will be perfect for you! We'll supply Vibesaber or Saberwars or both if you like at your location at your date in time. Speak with us regarding dates and times so we can make sure we're available!

Welcome to Saberwars Glasgow

Become a Saberwars Member

Develop Intuition

Realise the skills of your ancient ancestors, they were Warriors at one point of time. Rediscover what they were once proficient in with new technologically advanced sabers and develop your instinctual ability.

Get Fast

Improve your physical and mental speed in the arena. Through a sporting activity you'll love being part of. Duelling with others improves your reaction times and is a full body workout. Nothing improves situational awareness like Battle Royal!

Feel Epic

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being the Champion of the Arena. Be the last one standing to feel the ultimate rush! Improve your confidence and meet new people that all have a shared interest in Saberwars.

Become Legend

Train hard and make a name for yourself in the Arena. How many wins can you obtain? Be recognised as a force to be reckoned with with Saberwars!

The Ultimate Combat Saber

Introducing our revolutionary,  unbreakable, everlasting combat saber. This saber features the Xeno3 soundboard with bluetooth connectivity as well as an impressive array of fonts and gesture controls.

It features a unique screw in locking system. This keeps the blade in place for as long as you want it to be with no wear and tear to the blade often found with the grub screw pressure system. Making it the ultimate combat saber available today!

Visit the Armoury

Whether your just looking to start training yourself or looking to start Saberwars in your local community we have all the equipment you need to get started!

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